New Zealand’s youngest minister has cervical cancer! Who is your back in front of the pain?

19 Jul 2021

Recently, New Zealand’s 80-year-old MP, Emergency Management and Resource Protection Minister Kiri Allan posted shocking news on social media that he had been diagnosed with cervical cancer and would take sick leave to begin cancer treatment. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern expressed shock and sadness at Allan’s condition, while Nikki Kaye, another SNP MP who had breast cancer, publicly expressed her sympathy and support.

Kiri Allan, born in 1984, entered Parliament as a Labour MP in 2017 and is the youngest minister in the current government. After being diagnosed with cervical cancer, she called on female friends to have cervical smear screening in time, “which will save you your life.”

Allan’s experience was sad and sympathetic, and it led people to think about the many “health risks” behind a quiet life. In the face of illness, everyone is equal, regardless of age, wealth and status. When the risk comes, who is your back?

Health insurance: an important backstay in times of crisis

Although there is free public health care in New Zealand, many families have health insurance health insurance/Health Insurance. Because public health care has limited resources and long waiting times, and because public health care provides only basic resources, advanced and high-quality medical options are self-funded. In this case, health insurance can help you:

Medical treatment Faster and more timely

New Zealand’s public health system has been struggling with limited resources and tight manpower, leaving large numbers of patients waiting for a long time.

According to local media nzherald,500,000 New Zealanders will have lined up for timeouts in 2020, with many getting worse and delaying the best possible treatment. Here are some of the patients waiting in pain, as reported by local media Stuff:

Graham Kingswell waited 175 days for spinal surgery, was paralysed before surgery and remained incontinence after surgery.
Susan Wauchop, 74, waited too long for hip surgery, eventually spending most of his pension of $22,000 on surgery at a private hospital.
Single mother Jackie Simons waited too long for surgery and eventually borrowed $20,000 to operate at a private hospital.
Susan Wauchop has been waiting 18 months for surgery and the pain has worsened and she can only walk on crutches.

With health insurance, you can choose a timely and efficient private health care system without having to endure long periods of pain and exacerbation.

choose More appropriate drugs and treatments

The medical system in public hospitals provides only basic medical equipment and resources, and many advanced drugs and quality treatment options, such as targeted treatments for cancer, are not included. So it’s often sad: the right drugs and treatments are there, but patients don’t have the money to pay for them.

With health insurance, patients’ financial burden is greatly reduced and they can choose more appropriate and quality drugs and treatment options without worry.

Health insurance FAQs

Can I get insurance with illness?

A: There are insurance companies in New Zealand that currently allow Pre-existing conditions to be insured. It is important to note, however, that insurance with illness is usually subject to a number of conditions, not all existing diseases are covered, and the details of outpatient, examination or hospitalization are different in the terms of the insurance.

YG insurance reminds you that when you take out insurance with illness, you need to consult a professional insurance consultant specifically.

Can children with congenital diseases be insured and claimed?

A: In New Zealand, there is no need for a health audit to include a child in their parents’ existing health insurance within three or four months of birth (at different times from insurance company). If your child is diagnosed with a congenital disease three or four months later, the insurance company will be responsible for the claim. If the insurance company believes that the disease occurred within 3 or 4 months, no claim will be made.

Actual case:

Baby A’s parents have purchased health insurance, and baby A is added to his parents’ health insurance by an insurance consultant after birth. The baby did not find any health problems five months ago, five months was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, the insurance company to settle the claims.

Baby B’s parents did not buy health insurance, and Baby B’s parents purchased health insurance for him. At birth, your baby’s skin has a red dot; In this case, the insurance company believes that although the disease was diagnosed four months later, but the disease occurred within 4 months, it will not claim.

YG Insurance reminds you:

  • Parents have health insurance, notify the insurance consultant immediately after birth to add it to the parents’ health insurance. If a parent does not have health insurance and wants to buy health insurance for their child, take advantage of the best time to have your child at 3 months or 4 months of life.
  • If neither parent nor child buys health insurance, in the event that the child is unfortunately diagnosed with a congenital disease, there is still an insurance solution: you can take the disease with you. Consult a professional insurance consultant for details and conditions.

Why is the cost of health insurance increasing year by year?

A: There are three reasons: first, prices and consumption continue to rise, medical costs will increase, second, as individuals age, health risks will increase year by year, and third, insurance companies will increase insurance costs based on the increase in the proportion of comprehensive claims in previous years.

If you feel that your health insurance costs are too high, is there any way to lower premiums without reducing important protections?

A: I feel that the cost of health insurance is too high to bear. Insurance consultants can be consulted to reduce premium costs by raising the floor fee or cutting some insurance items (e.g. dental, ophthalmology, etc.).

Actual case:

Couple AB, who is over 60 years old, feel that the existing medical premiums are too high, to seek YG insurance advice. After careful analysis of the two people’s policies and health status, the insurance consultant recommended that the two items of specialist outpatient and small-scale program examination be removed from the policy. As a result, two people can save about $1,000 a year in premiums.

Existing policies still cover large-scale inspection (e.g. MRI, gastroenteroscopy, etc.) and health insurance can still cover these costs in case of need. If inpatient treatment is required, the insurance company will reimburse the cost of the first and last six months of hospitalization, at which point the cost of minor examinations and specialist outpatient clinics will also be borne by the insurance company. This allows customers to reduce premiums and protect against significant risks.

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