Will I face higher premiums if I don’t get the COVID-19 vaccine? See what the major insurance companies say.
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How much do self-employed people in New Zealand know? What protection does ACC provide for the self-employed?
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Meta Universe: The Future of Full Digitization – What does it mean for the insurance industry?
YG Financial Services shares with you what the insurance industry will be like for the future generation Recently, meta universe (meta) has become a global buzzword. On October 28th, Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that “Facebook” was being renamed “Meta”, indicating his dedication to the future of the internet and Facebook – Metaverse. Metaverse is…
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Insurance Fraud
Try to be “clever”and suffer the consequences: Don’t do this when buying insurance! YG Financial Services reminds you: “white lies” are absolutely unacceptable! The purpose of buying insurance is to buy protection and pass on risks. But, did you know that in New Zealand about 20% of general insurance companies refuse to pay? There are…
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Financial Markets Authority
Be one of the first to obtain an official new FMA license in just six months, just like YG Financial Services have!
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Mortgage and Income Protection Insurance
I became unemployed during the pandemic. As the breadwinner in my family, how can I repay my mortgage? This insurance can help relieve life's burdens!
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